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KUBIKON is a unique, original logic game for absolutely everyone. It combines some features of game classics like Tetris, Arkanoid, Sokoban and others. If you like to think, solve puzzles, or just want to kick-back and unwind – KUBIKON is the right choice. 

  •  SIMPLE GAMEPLAY not only on your touch-enabled screens – KUBIKON plays great with a mouse too!
  •  ORIGINAL rules. KUBIKON is a familiar game, even though you’ve never played it before.
  • ELEGANT AND SIMPLE GRAPHICS that goes great with the concept of the game.
  • SOUNDS AND MUSIC building on the tradition of KUBIKON’s 8bit ancestors. Both can be turned off for your convenience : ) 

…but much more: 

  • UNLOCK NEW LEVELS AND GET MORE STARS! Every game is different – randomly generated cubes make KUBIKON infinitely re-playable. Beat your high scores and play for hours. 

Kubikon is now available in these languages: english, deutsch, français, español, polski, čeština, slovenčina.

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